If you have any questions not addressed on this page, contact us at info@apexdefensivestrategies.com.

Q: Do I have to apply to OCSD before taking this course?
A: No, and we are happy to assist you with any part of the application process, including composing your good cause statement.

Q: What if I don’t have everything on the Required Equipment list?
A: We have various items for students’ use during the course, including holsters, lights, etc. Please contact us before the course so we can either direct you to a shop for purchasing items or provide them for you. For those who would like to take the course but do not have their firearm yet, you can run through the course and drills with a loaner (on the range ONLY) with prior arrangements, but you will need to come back and qualify with your future firearm before we can issue you a course certificate.

Q: Do I have to take your other Handgun courses before the CCW Course?
A: Certainly not, we are not here as gatekeepers. The 16-Hour CCW course is designed as a standalone, with the drills selected to build the skillset from basic handling and holster draws from concealment up to tactical drills during the course. Even if you are an experienced handgun shooter, you may benefit from refreshing your fundamentals through the Handgun Skill Builder Course, but it’s certainly not a requirement.

Q: How long is this certificate good for?
A: Generally, OCSD will accept certificates within 6 months of their issuance. If your course certificate is specifically denied due to the length of time from class to application, we will work with you to get you into another current course at no additional charge.

Q: Does the range have ammunition if I don’t have enough?
A: While we are not in control of the range’s supply, generally they have plenty of the common handgun calibers available for purchase.

Q: How long is your course?
A: 16 hours, with 4-5 hours conducted directly on the live-fire range. While other training providers may offer shorter courses, we firmly believe that the more training you can get on a topic, the better. The classroom portion covers a great deal of content that will be directly applicable to your life as a CCW Licensee. Experienced students (including military and LEO) bring even more information to the table for the benefit of the entire class. If you have any questions on content or discussions, contact us at info@apexdefensivestrategies.com.

Q: Do I have to take both days within the same course?
A: We have had students break up their two day training course over two separate CCW Courses. As long as the training schedule permits, and the student commits to and attends both separate days, we have no issue with this. However, a training certificate cannot be issued until the entirety of the 16 hours has been completed.

Q: How many guns can I qualify for my permit?
A: While OCSD has removed an upper limit on the number of firearms you can have on your permit, we will qualify up to five within the course. This limit is simply due to time constraints on the range. We are happy to meet with you after the course at the range to qualify any additional firearms you would like on your certificate, if you cover the range fee.

Q: Do you ever disqualify people or firearms in your CCW Course?
A: We reserve the right to disqualify individuals from our course, solely for reasons of negligence or lack of firearm safety under the instructor’s direction. While OCSD has removed most of the restrictions on firearm modifications, we reserve the right to not qualify a firearm for unsafe modifications. These disqualifications are exceedingly rare in our courses, and we will work with you to resolve issues in either case.