In this training course, we spend 3-4 hours directly on the range building precision and defensive marksmanship skills using a variety of challenging targets. From tactical reloading to target transitions, these static drills will help develop the skills needed to hone range and defensive marksmanship. If you do not have your own firearm and ammunition, we can provide them.

This class is for current firearm owners, CCW holders, and those who have completed our Intro to Handguns course. A familiarity with handgun shooting fundamentals will serve as the foundation to build marksmanship skills, firearm handling skills, and tighter shooting groups. Typically students will go from a 2-6″ group at 5-7 yards down to 1-2″ group, solidifying skills for different future shooting disciplines- from competition to CCW!

Price: $125

Required Equipment:

  • Semi-automatic Handgun or Revolver
  • Holster (Optional for CCW Licensees to practice the static marksman drills from their holster. Holster cannot be collapsible.)
  • 2 or 3 Magazines/Speedloaders
  • Eye & ear protection, close-toed shoes
  • Round count temporarily reduced to 150 for this Course, due to ammunition scarcity. Please contact us if you need assistance sourcing ammunition for our Courses.
  • Any other range gear you usually prefer (Magazine loaders, etc.)
  • We can provide a handgun (No addl. cost) and ammunition (At cost for use on the range only) for this course if needed.


Contact us at with any and all questions relating to this course, and we look forward to working with you!