This class will introduce you to the safety aspects and proper procedures of drawing and firing your pistol from a concealed carry position. Everything starts with the draw! Without a consistent and safe draw, things can go sideways quickly on the range or in an engagement. The first part of the class will focus on drawing your handgun from a holster (either IWB or OWB). We will explore techniques from multiple holster positions, focusing on achieving a proper grip prior to drawing. Once proper draw technique is established, we will move into more challenging drills to include moving and shooting, one-handed shooting, multiple threat drills, and more. We will apply our drills to realistic scenarios and situations.

Price: $85

Required Equipment:

  • Semi-auto pistol
  • Holster (no collapsible or serpa)
  • 2 or 3 magazines – Eye & ear protection
  • 200+ rounds (no steel core)