This is the NRA Range Safety Officer Course, covering detailed information to certify those who wish to organize and conduct safe shooting events and training. Each student will receive a copy of the NRA Range Safety Officer manual and have the opportunity to take the certification test to become an NRA-Certified RSO. Whether you wish to start the road to becoming a safe and effective instructor, run shooting events, or simply take friends and family to the range, this course will help you look at the shooting sports with a new perspective. This course is a great tool for new and experienced shooters alike. Course content covers:

  • NRA Safety Rules
  • Handling Issues on the Range
  • Range Standard Operating Procedures
  • Range Inspections
  • Effective Range Commands
  • Site- and Event-Specific Range Policies and Rules
  • Equipment and Tools for RSOs
  • Safety/Medical Response Training Opportunities
  • And More!

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