This course varies between two locations; an indoor 25 yard range where we will work on low light and transition marksmanship, and an outdoor 100 yard benchrest range where we will work on a variety of timed and stress marksmanship on variously-sized targets at distance. The course will be held on weekday evenings at the indoor range, and weekday mornings at the outdoor range. This course is 4 hours in length at either location.

Students will need the following:

  • Rifle
  • Minimum 2 magazines
  • 100+ rounds of ammunition (FMJ preferred)
  • Eye & ear protection, close-toed shoes
  • Any other range gear you usually prefer! (magazine loaders, kneepads, etc., not required)

If you do not have a rifle yet or ammunition, let us know and we will provide one for the course and ammunition at cost for use in the course. Let us know if there is a specific rifle you are looking to try out!

Contact us at with any questions about this course, and we look forward to working with you!